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>> Monday, March 22, 2010

I read back my blog post written this morning about 5am and I found that I was being too emotional. I guessed I have frighten some of the people who cares about me, regardless of friends showing concern over on FB or even mummy called up after seeing the FB status (mummy is getting in-ner,haha).

I had think over it again and I was not complaining about fitting into the English world actually. I was just expressing how I felt from a Chinese background person turning into the English world slowly, that's all. Because I always wanted to strive for the best, I guess I am pilling up a lot of stress towards myself and I am worried that I can do well. Thus, I will have this kind of feeling. I am afraid that I might offended and cause misunderstanding towards my English background friends. But, I'm okay and I'm cool with you guyz. No worries at all about it, I still love all of you

Speaking about being emotional on previous blog, I guess there are times when you just have to release something out from your heart which you have kept it for too long. It is not healthy at all that you keep stuffing unhappy emotion into your heart and mind, even to yourself. It is fine for you to release all these once in a while. (but not too often, :P) This is why we must have tension release session for oneself. =)

Sometimes, aromatherapy might help to calm you down or the easiest way is to speak to a person, regardless whether you're close with that person. At times, it is easier for you to express your true feeling without trying to hide any emotion in front of people whom you do not know well. And of course, it is also good that if you can speak to your good friends and family. They might not be able to give you enough words of comfort or even advices that you need, but they are able to lend you their pair of ears which is far good enough than others.

Speaking about I got myself into a pretty difficult situation, I guess I have calmed down and had a thought about it. Maybe I should just take things slowly and go with the flow, I am still a rational person after all even though I might not be able to control how I felt towards it.

Thus, I would like to share with you guys that sometimes when things get on your nerves, or your emotions are all rushing up to your mind, you just need time to calm yourself down. Do not let your anger or bad emotion control you because things will get better after a while. There are many ways and definitely there is a solution to problems or any matter.

No worries, friends. Speak to me if you need a pair of ears, I can always be your listener and share your feelings. I got your back! =)


* Shout out to Leroy and Doughboy for yesterday's conversation, much loves!!


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feifei March 23, 2010 at 10:02 AM  

i know that kind of feeling.
i had nightmares in office too.
i'm from chinese background too wei,
n my manglish bukan main bagus wei.

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