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>> Monday, March 22, 2010

Yeap, assignments pilling up like no one's business!!

And of course I have spent most of my weekends for 24 Herbs, DOPE DOPE!! and dear friend's house warming. Thus, I think I gotta pump up on assignments and work hard for them within this week.

At least I think I gotta spare my weekends for a lil' rest after all the busy studies and assignment days. I find music is really the thing that can calm me down and I am able to chill with lots of lots of music!! They keep me under good condition, always..

So, yea... thanks to all the people out there doing music!! Much loves..
I guess I gotta get some rest and feed myself before I start my work.
Good luck to all college mates who are working hard for assignments and good luck to everyone on everything!!

Most important of all, stay happy always!! =)


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